One up dark chocolate bars


Each pack comes with 8 chocolate pieces 375mg per piece (Total 3 grams)

Recommended dosage for beginners is 1 square for micro dosing and up to 3-4 squares to experience the shroom high. (Depends on person’s tolerance as well)


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Online One up Mushroom bars are very famous for their quality and providing the similar magic mushrooms effects in the form of an edible chocolate. It comes in huge varieties of chocolate but the best amongst all is the dark chocolate raspberry flavor. This is our most selling One up mushroom bar flavors and you can get it delivered to your door step by just placing an order from this website.

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As per our research one up mushroom bar dark chocolate flavored bar could help you in improving your mental health and giving you anxiety free sensation.

It is assessed that 1 of every three individuals experience the ill effects of emotional well-being conditions in the world. Most of current drugs are side effect based, and they seldom help patients in finding and settling the fundamental reason for their concerns. One up mushroom bars dark chocolate flavored bar is a promising new option for people in changing their emotional wellness. This regular medication makes the ways for some people who are searching for an alternate way to deal with recuperating.

If you are a chocolate lover specially the dark chocolate then there is no greater combo than having a mushroom integrated in your chocolate, as it won’t only taste good but also make you very active because of the presence of dark chocolate in it and the magic mushroom properties would just make you feel relax and get you a new high which you have never felt before.

This is the most selling flavor of one up mushroom bars and no easily available and even some store only claim to have this in availability. But since we are the direct partners with one up mushroom bars and have a dealership, we can deliver you any flavor you want at your desired address.

This dark chocolate flavor mushroom bar comes with 8 pieces of 3 grams and have a high amount of magic mushrooms integrated in them with perfect percentage of flavor.