K2 spice spray white rhino


K2 spice spray white rhino

k2 spice spray 25mL

odorless and colorless 

This 25ml will spray a whole A4 paper sheet.

An A4 paper is a Letter size paper which measures 8.5 by 11 inches.



K2 spice spray white rhino


K2 Liquid Spray

Also called K2 spice spray, the brand K2 Liquid Spray is the main brand of this website. We are the first company to put this brand on the market.
The brand K2 Liquid Spray carries quality K2 spice spray, K2 spray, K2 paper and Liquid K2 products.

All these products have high quality control production measures applied during manufacturing . Buying any of those products directly from means you have the brands quality guarantee. Place your order now!

K2 liquid spray

K2 Spray


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