Bizarro Fresh Liquid Incense Spray


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Price: $175 USD per 25mL

odorless and colorless

You need 25ml to spray a whole A4 paper sheet



Cool off with Bizarro Fresh liquid incense spray

The best product from Bizarro, Bizarro Fresh liquid incense spray is like menthol but better. It works just like other Spice sprays to reveal everything it has to offer on paper sheets. The unique formulation of Bizarro Fresh brings about a lingering cooling effect once you take a drag, which then evolves into its famous synthetic high. While menthol chewing gum may feel sweeter for your taste buds, it will never beat Bizarro Fresh when it comes to cooling off your senses.

You can buy Bizarro Fresh liquid incense spray in a 5ml bottle to cover 1/5 of an A4-sized sheet. It will tickle your senses in a wink, with the dosage being great for one user. But you can consume it sparingly for several smoking sessions — its refreshing effect will be waiting for you.

Buy Bizarro Fresh liquid incense spray once you’re ready for it

Bizarro Fresh is not for first-timers. Its synthetic nature can alter the way you perceive things to a much greater level than ordinary smokables. This spray is best for those who know what they can handle and how much is too much for them. Improper use of Bizarro Fresh may result in unpredictable sensations, so you can’t be too careful with the substance.

Most likely, you’ll be satisfied with buying Bizarro Fresh liquid incense spray online if you:

  • Tried ultra-potent K2 Spice sprays before and were good with the effects
  • Are familiar with Bizarro products and formulations
  • Have crystal-clear expectations as to what comes after taking a drag

There’s an age requirement for getting Bizarro Fresh, as well as other sprays at If you’re younger than 18, you can’t buy this or any other product that might have captured your interest in our collections.


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3 reviews for Bizarro Fresh Liquid Incense Spray

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  1. Lisa

    Good quality product. No odors, just as advertised.

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  2. Jerron william

    Nothing says am the k2 spice spray as BIZARRO.

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  3. Gregory ranid

    Thank you for this.

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