What are One Up Mushroom bars?

One up mushroom chocolate bars. One up is the most famous brand when it comes to mushroom bars, as they are very popular because of the quality and even quantity of their chocolate content. Mushroom bars or chocolate mushroom bars are the infusion of magic mushrooms or shrooms into the mixture of chocolate and then eating it like a normal chocolate but with higher sensations and more effects of magic mushrooms.

Studies have shown that any kind of magic mushroom containing products, either it is candy bars, gummies, chocolates, or any other kind of jelly they all contain the same effects of magic mushrooms. But one up shroom chocolate bars are of another level, you won’t find anything like this every. It has the best taste of chocolate infused with the magic mushrooms thus providing you with the best quality and taste in your mouth as it will melt.

What are One Up Mushroom bars?

What is included in the most famous One Up shroom bars?

The one up chocolate shroom bars is filled with magic mushroom compounds and not only of just one kind. This chocolate bar has a mixture of almost all kinds of magic mushrooms in a very carefully selected quantity of each kind of mushrooms.

This chocolate bar contains psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, shrooms, magic mushrooms, and a lot more kinds of mushrooms in order to get all the ingredients and specialties from each kind. Since each mushroom has its own benefits and taste. One up shroom chocolate bars have carefully selected their quality and quantity of products not only for just mushrooms but also for choco beans. This chocolate has the highest quality choco beans which makes it delicious to eat. This chocolate will give you the most creamy taste with the hint of magic mushrooms.

What is included in the most famous One Up Mushroom bars?

Benefits of One Up shroom Chocolate Bars

One up mushroom chocolate bars has numerous benefits since it has psilocybin which is a great remedy for any kind of stress and anxiety and any mental disorder like tension and traumas. So when psilocybin is mixed with the best quality choco beans and best chocolate infusion it then gives the more better effects in anxiety and stress. This chocolate is the remedy for all your worries. Not only this but this one up mushroom chocolate bars have shown great signs of mental growth improvement in even cancer patients. This chocolate is a mind altering experience for you and a must try if you really want to feel relaxed and stress free.

Not only it makes you high but also calms the nerves of your brain thus giving you a very soothing effect in your whole body and even can help in any kind of headaches of body aches. Like many websites, we strive to be the best supplies of one up shroom chocolate bars.

Benefits of One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bars


One up mushroom chocolate bars have shown great help in overcoming the post-traumatic stress disorder, as this chocolate gets the body mushroom compounds in micro doses and allows the body to consume in very tiny amounts which gets the body much better effects than consuming the mushrooms directly or via any other methods.

Not only in mental effects but one up shroom chocolate bars also help in sleep disorders and this has shown a great improvement in the people with insomnia. A lot of people who started taking one up mushrooms chocolate bars have managed to overcome insomnia and able to sleep peacefully. So now you don’t have to take any sleeping pills and just cure all your anxieties with a bar of one up mushroom chocolate.

There are a lot of drugs in the world and I would say deadly drugs, and on daily basis hundreds of people die because of over dosing but I can say with great confidence that this is probably the only drug which has zero chances of death because of its quantity and integration of it in the form of chocolate. This doesn’t only give you the high but also the delicious flavor of chocolate which don’t even seem like you are having a drug or any magic mushroom and it also gets magic mushroom effects to your body in micro doses.

One up mushroom chocolate bars comes in a lot of flavors, so don’t just think about chocolate and if you don’t like chocolate flavor you can always go for the strawberry, milk, and even vegan flavors.
So order your one up shroom chocolate bars today and get them delivered in next 24 to 48 hours at your desired address discretely.