What to mention boy! This store really amazing, delivery received in the Philippines, and the sheets are amazing creations. Kush Sheets are the most favorite ones in this entire online store.

Leonardo Ram

Do this really works? Just receive the parcel from delivery guy, packing and state looks fine, I’ll post another review that how this reacts and fulfill our needs on this weekend.

Jerry Lee

This is my 3rd time purchasing Liquid K2, it is a fantastic one to get high in 1,2,3. I and my suppose in love with this product and the online store is really doing an outstanding job. No disturbance to approach anything globally.

Amber Freeman

Louder, Louder, louder, this store is legit. Unbelievable how they are operating everything online without getting busted? I have order and every time parcel receives before uber eats parcel. Hook this infused paper in stock, I can carry even in Courtroom. wow

Tif Beubulat